11 Best Battery Saver Apps for Android

Best Battery Saver Apps for Android

Battery runs out quickly is the most common problem of Android devices. Not surprisingly, an extensive range of battery saver apps are rolled out to the market. If you need a help to find the best battery saver apps for Android, you are so lucky to be here.

You will find a list of the best tools to save battery on your Android devices. These apps are developed with efficiency in mind so that you can enjoy a prolonged battery life. However, the results may vary depending on your habit and device.

Best Battery Saver Apps for Android

We have compiled 11 best Android apps to save battery that allows you to get more time before the next charge. The following apps are free to download and offer more features than mere battery saving. Here is a closer look at the battery saver apps for Android.

1. Kaspersky Battery Life

Kaspersky Battery Life

Download on Google Play

Kaspersky rolled out a battery life extender to help boost your mobile battery life. With this app installed on your Android device, you will spend less time with the charger and get the most out of your mobile. No more worries about battery running out fast!

How does this tool work? Kaspersky Battery Life monitors every single app running on your device. It lets you know if there are any apps that drain energy and give you access to stop it. You can also choose which apps to put to sleep and which apps to keep running.

More other features to enjoy from this app is accurate prediction of battery life. That means you can find out how much energy is left on your battery in hours and minutes. Coming with quite a small file size, Kaspersky is one of the best battery saver apps to download on your Android.

2. Battery Saver-Charge Faster

Battery Saver-Charge Faster

Download on Google Play

This app helps your device optimize battery and manage energy-draining apps to extend battery life. Some hungry apps consume too much power so this battery extender helps resolve the issue by stopping or putting them to sleep.

The fantastic battery saver offers a variety of features. Besides extending battery usage, it also increases charging speed. It helps your device to charge in the most efficient way, allowing you to cut time with the charger. And, it comes with charge protection to view charging progress on the lock screen.

This battery saver app also features battery usage monitoring that lets you know accurate prediction of how long the device will last. Not to mention it can check battery health to ensure your device battery is in its best condition. As a bonus, this app features a battery cooler that helps detect device temperature.

3. Green Battery Saver

Green Battery Saver

Download on Google Play

Launched by Power Doctor Team, this battery saver app can be a great option to extend your device battery life and it’s one of the best battery saver apps available on Google Play. This professional app claims to save battery life up to 50 percent only with a single tap. It comes packed with other functionalities, such as junk cleaner, app lock, and RAM booster.

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Green Battery Saver highlights several features, including battery usage information and charge history that lets you know which app drains power the most. It also highlights remaining charge time and remaining use time so that you know when to plug and unplug the charger.

The intuitive application features phone cooler that helps detect phone temperature and disable apps which cause heat. It can also serve as apps manager that allows you to manage apps like backup, uninstall, or disable. Optimize your phone performance and battery life with this battery app.

4. Dfndr Battery

Dfndr Battery

Download on Google Play

If you want to save Android battery life in various ways, dfndr battery has you covered. This battery is developed to conserve battery life by inactivating background apps but keeping your favorite ones running. It also controls the brightness of your screen to extend battery life.

Dfndr battery has a lot of features that make it more powerful. The features include quick and super optimization that helps optimize device performance. It also features battery cooler which accurately detects phone temperature and disable any apps that cause heat.

Take benefits from lock screen charge monitor so that you don’t need to unlock the screen over and over again. Another feature is battery health report that gives you information about overall health and status of the battery. It is also equipped with screen saver that cuts 33 percent of screen light output.

5. AccuBattery


Download on Google Play

Whether you are looking for the best battery saver apps for Android, AccuBattery should be on the list. This powerful app is specifically designed to protect battery health and deliver battery information based on science so all the information it brings is trustworthy.

Charging battery to only 80 percent can extend battery life up to 200 percent. For this reason, this app offers charge alarm so that you can unplug the charger when it reaches 80 percent. And, it can monitor battery usage, accurate prediction of battery life and power consumption of each app.

Other features highlighted by AccuBattery is real battery capacity measurement, remaining charge time and use time, screen on/off estimations, and deep sleep percentage. You can also upgrade to Pro version to enjoy more features like dark theme and detailed battery statistics.

6. 2 Battery

2 Battery

Download on Google Play

Another app to overcome battery issues is 2 Battery that extends extra hours of the battery life. It helps manage internet connection as well as applications running in the background. These are two main factors that drain power, so controlling the internet and apps can overcome the problem.

The battery extender app offers a bunch of features like detailed battery usage information that lets you know battery-draining activities or apps. It supports a changeable icon theme that gives a new look to the battery icon. It also comes with a built-in screen filter to reduce brightness for extended battery life.

Additionally, 2 Battery can turn off the device screen when you put it upside down. You can also take benefits from its home screen widget and quick settings. This app is completely free but you can upgrade to the Pro version. This version removes ads for your better experience.

7. Super Battery Saver & Fast Charging

Super Battery Saver & Fast Charging

Download on Google Play

This is a great app that offers not only battery saving functionality but also fast charging and app cleaning. Only with one touch, you can activate the power saving function and stop apps that drain battery. Extended battery life means less time with the charger and more time with your mobile device.

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Super Battery Saver comes with myriad features that makes it worth the thought. Fast charging enables you to cut charging time, allowing you to get back to mobile time. One-click optimization helps close applications running in the background so that battery usage can be minimized.

And, this app lets you know all the information about battery details like fast charging, voltage, and temperature. With Cool Mater, it detects device temperature and close apps that produce heat. It also acts as a cleaner that helps remove junk files and delete cache files for optimized phone performance.

8. Fast Charger – Battery Optimizer, Fast Charging

Fast Charger – Battery Optimizer, Fast Charging

Download on Google Play

Do you wish to optimize battery life without too much effort? Installing Fast Charger can be a great action to take. This app helps optimize battery usage, extend battery life, as well as increase charging speed. It has everything you need to solve a wide array of Android battery issues.

Battery drains fast and slow charging are common among Android users. This battery saver is designed to disable apps and processes running in the background which become the culprit of battery issues. As a result, your phone charges faster and you have more time before the next charge.

Tons of key features make this app worth your consideration. Besides fast charging, it cleans applications that consume too much power, clean RAM, and reduce screen brightness. It also turns off unnecessary connections and optimizes battery usage for extended battery life as well as less time with the charger.

9. Battery Saver

Battery Saver

Download on Google Play

Get the most out of your battery with Battery Saver. This tool lets you spend more time with Android devices, thanks to its ability to extend a few more hours of battery life. Featuring smart settings, you can set battery times and schedule profiles to increase battery life at certain levels.

As with other battery savers, this tool automatically disables power-consuming apps running in the background. It also provides you with battery availability that contains detailed information about time remaining and how much charge your battery so you know when to charge it.

In addition, this app controls screen brightness that helps extend battery life. Coming with a simple interface, Battery Saver is super easy to use. The tool is lightweight so you don’t necessarily need to worry about phone resources.

10. Power+ Launcher (Battery Saver)

Power+ Launcher (Battery Saver)

Download on Google Play

This is a launcher that adopt minimalist design yet powerful function to reduce power consumption. It comes packed with myriad features, such as Accessibility service that helps stop apps and processes running in the background. It can optimize your phone, make it run faster, and extend battery life.

Power+ Launcher is more than a battery saver. It can improve device performance by closing unnecessary apps that consumes too much battery power. This app also helps hibernate apps to prevent them running from auto-start.

For a better experience, it comes with a search feature that offers instant results to various searches, such as files, contacts, and documents. Overall, this is a versatile battery saver you could ask for.

11. Battery Saver DU

Battery Saver DU

Download on Google Play

Enjoy one-tap power optimization with Battery Saver DU. This is one of popular battery saver apps, not only to extend battery life but also cool down battery temperature. Thanks to Battery Cooler feature that detects phone temperature and disable heat-producing applications.

This tool gives you less time with the charger. It is convenient, simple, and easy to use. Not to mention this app is quite lightweight for most Android devices.

The best battery saver apps for Android should be able to extend battery life and optimize your device at the same time. Which apps from the list are your favorite?

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