13 Best Handyman Apps for Android

Best Handyman Apps

Dealing with home issues can be a deal-breaker for some. While handymen can be found easily in one place, the use of the best handyman apps might help those who prefer to run a DIY operation or call a professional through an app.

Nowadays, it is possible to access the database of handymen nearby. Even though checking out YouTube for DIY tutorials is still an option, isn’t it much easier if you have a specific app that makes the process much easier?

Below, you will find a list of the best apps to find a handyman to deal with your house issues. Some apps also help you with some DIY solutions, which is crucial for you to read the handyman app reviews in the first place.

Best Handyman Apps For Android

The best apps for handyman business will connect you with handymen in your area with various skills and specifications. Once you find a person that suits the job, all you need to do is to click his or her profile and let the system take care of the rest.

1. Family Handyman

Family Handyman

The first app one the list is called Family Handyman. This app is generally a magazine that comes with various DIY tips and tutorials. And just like any other magazine, this one has numbers and editions too.

What you will find interesting from this app are such as:

  • The app provides a lot of useful tips on taking care of cleaning tasks at home, painting, carpentry and woodworking, dealing with pests, and even washing all various types of windows.
  • Contains articles that help enhance your house, such as improving your lighting system, choosing paint colors, and many more.

All in all, Family Handyman is such a cool app that assists you when it comes to dealing with basic house issues.

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2. KnockNok


The next on-demand handyman app on the list is KnockNok. This app specifically features skillful handymen about fridge or dishwasher issues along with plumbing, home improvement, and appliance repair.

Other than saving your time, this app helps you cut off the repair cost compared to if you use a scheduled service. And in case you only need consultation, the app provides space to talk to the handyman without asking him or her to come.

KnockNok is an app that recommends skillful handymen nearby while allowing you to have 1-on-1 live assistance to do a DIY project. Once you launch the app, you can choose a service that you need the most.

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3. Eazy Pizy

Eazy Pizy

Talking about the best app to find handyman, Eazy Pizy is an app that you have to try in the first place. It helps you to get professional help in your area so that both you and the handyman could exchange services more effectively.

And of course, you do not need to get out of your home in the first place to hire a handyman. The UI design promotes effortless and comfortable communication between you and the team.

Through Eazy Pizy you can find services related to home improvement, plumbing, electronic device services, and a lot more. Besides, the app is integrated with WhatsApp which makes your communication a lot easier.

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4. Handy


Meanwhile, if you are looking for a free handyman app that helps you tackle house works and repair, Handy is a worth-considering app. Other than offering useful features, the app also comes with an intuitive UI design.

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Booking and making an appointment with professionals is as easy as you can think. All you need to do is to pick a service, find a professional that suits the job, and pay through the app – simple, right?

Handy also features 24/7 customer service that will help you make appointments effortlessly. Other than that, you can find various services, from home cleaning to electrical services.

Handy is basically a handyman app like Uber, which requires you to rate the handyman’s work after using their services .

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5. TaskRabbit


TaskRabbit is undoubtedly one of the best apps on the Play Store when it comes to looking for a professional that will take care of issues in your house. This app supports an effortless and efficient process to find a handyman.

Other than featuring home repair skills, you may also make an appointment for furniture assembly, mounting items in your house, or even a delivery service. TaskRabbit comes with a series of features that allow you to book services in minutes, arrange an appointment whether for today or tomorrow, and find professionals with experience.

Just like any other handyman platforms, there is a price you should pay for each service you are using. TaskRabbit, on the other hand, is one of those platforms that come with transparent pricing and affordable rates. You better give this app a try for sure.

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6. Thumbtack


Are you looking for a mobile app that connects you with professional handymen nearby? Thumbtack is what you need then. Like common handyman apps, this app offers services, such as plumbing services, electrical work, home improvement, and a lot more.

Other than that, the Thumbtack app allows you to find contractors along with home cleaner services in one app. It has a messaging feature that helps you to get in touch with the handyman before using the service.

You can find a section where other users put reviews about each handyman registered in the app. Thumbtack is a super-simple app that helps you find the right person for the job. From freelancers to pro workers, it seems like you will find what you need in the Thumbtack database.

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7. Angi


For those who struggle to find the best home services nearby, Angi is coming to help. This app can use by handyman to make money and homeowners would be happy to use those professionals’ skills in the first place.

Angi ensures that only skillful and quality handymen can be part of the community. Other than that, the pricing is fair and transparent, which is essential for many homeowners before using a service.

Through this app, homeowners can find various services, such as electric repair, regular maintenance, home renovation, plumbing services, and many more. And when it comes to payment, the app provides a feature that allows you to pay through the app directly.

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When it comes to the best handyman apps to make money, HOMEE is definitely on the list. This app is suitable for professionals to find gigs and homeowners would be happy because they have 5-start professionals in their pockets.

HOMEE provides 24/7 customer service that helps you to make appointments without dealing with the hassle. Its review section will also be a good consideration before you book a service.

To boost transparency, you can monitor and keep track of the work progress and the entire process through the app. The best part of this app is that you can find services that match your needs and your budget.

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9. Jobber


As the top handyman apps on the Play Store, Jobber promises best-rated professionals to take care of the issues in your house. Other than showing the list of available handymen nearby, homeowners can keep track of the progress in the first place.

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Jobber is quite pleasing for professionals. They can create estimates for each job before accepting the gig and send invoices after completing tasks. Those two features are just a few to name off – there are tons of useful features that benefit both homeowners and handymen.

Homeowners can rate the service after the work is done. Also, the app supports online payment which increases the convenience.

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10. Handyman Calculator

Handyman Calculator

Handyman Calculator is generally not an app to make money or to find a handyman nearby. However, both homeowners and professionals can use this app to estimate the cost of each task.

Other than accurately calculating the cost, this app also helps you to track invoices, make a progress calculation, and create a to-do list so that everyone always stays on track.

In case you need to save your calculation, Handyman Calculator comes with an in-built notepad so that you will never lose track on anything.

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11. BrightNest


When it comes to the good handyman apps, BrightNest can be part of the group too. This app is not necessarily a platform that connects homeowners with professionals or something that helps handymen to make money.

Moreover, BrightNest is an app that contains useful tips and information about doing things to fix house issues through DIY solutions. From decorating to fixing, you can find adequate tutorials in this app.

All tutorials featured on BrightNest come with pictures and thorough step-by-step instructions. Thus, if you are a person who is up for DIY stuff, this app is worth considering on many levels.

Featuring a straightforward UI design and robust system, BrightNest offers more than you wish for.

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12. Urban Company

Urban Company

Urban Company was commonly known as UrbanClap. This app works perfectly on Android devices and provides useful services for those who need help from professionals to take care of the house work.

Other than that, Urban Company is one of the apps for contractors to find work effortlessly. It accommodates both homeowners and handymen to meet online to find what’s needed from each other.

All in all, Urban Company is a worth-trying app for those who look for services or contractors to get the job done. On the other hand, handymen can also find gigs through this app effortlessly.

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13. Fieldwire Construction Manager

Fieldwire Construction Manager

For all handymen who want to join a huge community about construction gigs, Fieldwire Construction Manager is an app that you need to check out. You can say that this is one of the best handyman task apps on the Play Store.

Whether you are working on your own or with a team, you can plan the requirements in the first place. From materials to schedule, this app will support you in many ways.

You can view the blueprints, check the progress, prioritize a specific area, and many more from one app. It can be said that this app is specifically designed for handymen to deal with the work instead of the clients. Still, it won’t hurt to give Fieldwire Construction Manager a try.

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The most common solution for your house issues might be scheduling an appointment with a handyman. However, the lack of platforms makes the process harder.

From no transparency when it comes to pricing to the process to book a handyman, homeowners feel done with that. The presence of the handyman lead apps on the Play Store is like light in a tunnel – both the handyman and homeowner get the benefits.

So, what do you think about the best handyman apps on the list above? Which one do you prefer to use?

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