15 Best Sound Effect Apps for Android

Best Sound Effect Apps

What is the best sound app for Android? Well, you will find the answer through this article. The list of the best sound effects apps are available below and some of them are free to download.

Being popular seems like everybody’s dream right now. However, you can start with making content and put it on YouTube or something.

Since creating and editing videos have become more popular nowadays, the presence of apps for sound effects are getting many too. The presence of sound effects is crucial considering the effect it makes when you put it within your content.

Best Sound Effect Apps for Android You Should Install

It is undeniably true that the number of sound effect apps on Google Play Store is getting many and many from time to time. Of course, it is a sign that many people need quality apps to support their work on making content.

So, if you are looking for the best sound effect apps for Android, here are some recommendations you should take a look at.

1. DJ Sound Effects

Download on Google Play

So, how do you add sound effects to your phone? Well, you need a decent sound effect app in the first place, such as the DJ Sound Effects. This one is a good app to download, especially if you want to be a DJ on every occasion.

It comes with more than 50 cool sound effects you can blow anytime you want. The most popular sound for podcasts is whistle and air horn. Another sound effect that might be used too many times is Oh No!, Hahaha, and thunderstorm.

Yet, there are still a bunch of options you can pick from its library. You would love this app due to its straight-forward UI design. Other than that, you can swap the position of the sound effect for your convenience.

The only thing that left people wondering is the lack of option to save the sound effects. Thus, you need to use a third-party app to save the sound while you tap the button.

2. Cartoon Sound Effects

Cartoon Sound Effects

Download on Google Play

As its name suggests, the Cartoon Sound Effects will help you to give the sound from the cartoon. The app is free, which you better give a shot so that you know how enjoyable and fun it is to play this app.

The pack comes with more than 75 sound effects, such as classic comedy, clangs, honks and chomps, prods, bonks, and so on. Other than being a sound effect app, you can use the sound for your alarm and phone ringtones too.

While this app is totally free, you have to deal with lots of ads. It might not be an issue for some but it can be a bit daunting too. Still, the choice is yours.

3. 100 Buttons Sound Effects

100 Buttons Sound Effects

Download on Google Play

If you make content about pranking and something like that, you will need this app. 100’s of Buttons and Prank Sound Effects loads with tons of interesting sound effects. You can even call it the best free sound effects app for nowadays content.

Several sounds they make are such as Access Denied, Wah Wah, WTF, OMG, and so on. All you need to do is to download this app on Google Play Store and you can enjoy all the good things from this app.

The library consists of at least 300 sound effects. Even though the collections are quite a lot, it has a straight-forward UI, which helps you to find the sound you are looking for. However, this one is similar to the previous app: it has no option to save the sound.

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4. Gun Shot Sounds

Gun Shot Sounds

Download on Google Play

Sometimes, all you want is to make sound noises like the gun would sound. If this is what you are looking for then Gun Shot Sounds app might be what you look for. As its name suggests, this app comes up with lots of gun sounds – various guns.

So, why don’t you download this sound from the Google Play Store now? This app is free and available for all Android phones.

Also, there are 18 types of gun sounds you can pick from its database. This app is constantly updated though, which makes the sound collections might be improving in the future.

5. Animal Sounds

Animal Sounds

Download on Google Play

As its name suggests, this app comes up with various animal sound effects. Thus, if you are looking for a mosquito sound effect and other animal’s voices, this app is what you need to check out.

Each sound comes with a picture of the animal, which is quite useful if you need to teach your toddlers about the sounds of animals. There are 160 kinds of animals in total. Instead of a simple sound effect app, it is more like a fun virtual encyclopedia.

The app is available for free on the Play Store. It is constantly updated, which is good for the future.

6. Halloween Spooky Sound

Halloween Spooky Sound

Download on Google Play

Halloween Spooky Sound comes with a pack of spooky and scary sound effects. This app is excellent for those who look for something a bit horror but with a good quality of sound.

Podcasts that commonly talk about horror stories and other mystical experiences would benefit a lot from this app. Once you have downloaded the app, you can use it even without the internet connection.

7. Scary Sound Effects

Scary Sound Effects

Download on Google Play

This one features various interesting sounds for your content. Even though it seems similar to the previous app, you still can download this app in the first place.

Scary Sound Effects is one of the sound effects app free downloads you can find on the Play Store which features the sounds of wolf, bats, screams, evil laugh, and so on. You should give it a try to ensure about the sound collections.

8. iFart


Download on Google Play

At some point, you will need something that sounds ridiculous on your content. If that is what you need right now, iFart will be your best partner to tackle the task. It features various interesting fart sound effects.

This app comes with 30 sound effects that you can give to your video content. The most favorite sounds of this app include dirty Raoul, wipe out, brown mosquito, and so on. Also, this app allows you to record and save the sound directly, without using any third-party app in the first place.

9. Annoying Sounds

Annoying Sounds

Download on Google Play

Meanwhile, if you are looking for car sound effects and other annoying voice over, you can try the Annoying Sounds app. It comes with a pack of different anointing sounds that will annoy you in the first place.

Other than car noises, you will find crazed animals, irritating baby noises, air horns, and many more. This app is not free, however. You may only listen to those annoying sounds after buying the app in the first place.

Still, Annoying Sounds is an app that you would love to use when emphasizing on jokes for your content.

10. My Talking Tom

My Talking Tom

Download on Google Play

This one is not exactly a sound effect app. My Talking Tom is a game that features Tom as its main character. However, Tom will repeat your voice if you allow him to.

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It also comes with several filters and sound effects that you can use for editing your voice. Anything is free in this app but you might be dealing with some ads. Still, you will enjoy the sound effects and the game itself. Give it a try, then.

11. Voice Changer

Voice Changer

Download on Google Play

As its name suggests, this voice changer app will change your voice into something funny. The work is similar to the previous app but there are more options offered by this app.

For instance, you can record your voice and then pick the sound effect you like, such as helium, monster, zombie, squirrel, and so on. When you tap the playback button, you will laugh so hard listening to your own voice.

This app is totally free so that you can use it as you want. Compared to other similar apps mentioned above, Voice Changer is a more interesting one considering it comes with an option to save your sound.

Other than recording directly, you can load your pre-recorded sounds from the phone. It is free and straight-forward. You would love it.

12. Sci-Fi Sound Effects

Sci-Fi Sound Effects

Download on Google Play

Are you looking for free sound effect apps that feature alien sounds? Well, Sci-Fi Sound Effects will be your guest. 

This app offers a wide array of collections when it comes to sci-fi sound effects for your work, especially if you are a sci-fi movie enthusiast. Other than for your work or video, this app also allows you to use the SFX for your ringtones and alarm.

You would love this app due to various reasons, such as:

  • Tons of sound collections.
  • Easy to set a ringtone with the app.
  • The audio clips are not amateurly cropped.

However, there is no option so save the SFX to your phone. The sounds remain in the app, after all.

13. Brainwaves


Download on Google Play

Brainwaves is a popular app when it comes to sounds effect app online. Compared to other apps on the list, Brainwaves is quite unusual.

It comes with an option to generate waves that will stimulate your focus and concentration. Hence, this app is excellent for relaxation and meditation too.

More than anything, you can control what you want to hear even up to its exact frequency. So, Brainwaves is not exactly an SFX app you are looking for but you will find something to use with this app.

14. Equalizer


Download on Google Play

This one is specifically made for you who loves editing your own music. Using this app helps you add various sound effects to the pre-made sound. Of course, you have a chance to be a musician on your own.

Meanwhile, it is much easier if you have a Spotify and SoundCloud account, since you can edit the sound quality on both platforms.

15. Tonebridge Guitar Effects

Tonebridge Guitar Effects

Download on Google Play

This app works like magic. Other than playing songs in their original sound, you can put various effects available on its database for free.

There are more than 9,000 presets from artists around the world. Everything you look for is available on the app so that you don’t need to download anything from a third-party app in the first place.

You can use this app and play with your guitar. Even though this one is unlike other apps on the list, Tonebridge is a worth considering app in many ways.

As mentioned earlier, many of the apps above are free to download. Some of them may require you to pay for a subscription but it can be a worthy investment in many ways.

Just like buying or using another app, you better know the main purpose of why you use a sound effect in the first place. If this app helps you a lot in creating videos for content, paying for a subscription might be a good idea.

So, which is the best sound app among those apps mentioned above? Have you tried all of them? If you haven’t then you must give all the best sound effect apps above a try and enjoy its free trial if necessary.

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