11 Best Dog Whistle Apps for Android

Best Dog Whistle AppsDog whistle is commonly used in dog training. This special tool helps your dog obey your instructions, promoting better communication for a successful training. Are you tired with conventional dog whistle? Switch to the best dog whistle apps and figure out how it improves your dog training experience.

Dog whistle apps transform your Android smartphone into a versatile training device. Not only does it provide you with high frequency whistle sound, but some apps are also equipped with extra features to help you with dog training such as clicker and video tutorials.

Best Dog Whistle Apps for Android

With abundant options flooding the internet, finding the best whistle app can be tedious and time consuming. If you don’t have enough time for this job, we’ve got you covered. Read on and decide a dog whistle app of your favorite.

1. Dogo


Download on Google Play

Dogo offers a brilliant solution for frustrated dog parents. The training and whistle app includes over 100+ commands with video instructions, making it possible to teach your pup from basic obedience to advanced training commands.

Whether you struggle with potty training or excessive bark, Dogo is here to help. It comes packed with whistle feature that helps your pup obey your instructions in a better way. A built-in clicker is also added to effectively reduce dog training time.

Do you want to give the best care for your pup? Dogo offers useful articles containing essential information and knowledge about dog training, health, and nutrition. And if you’re a proud dog parent, you may be interested to join photo challenges with the community.

What’s interesting is that Dogo has several training programs to choose from, including basic obedience, impulse control, and program for new dog. Your pup will get certificate for each training program.

2. Dog Whistle – High Frequency Generator

Dog Whistle – High Frequency Generator

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Dog Whistle by Tech Arena Apps can be the perfect alternative to conventional dog whistle. Designed for Android, it has the ability to generate high frequency sound somewhere between 100 and 22,000 Hz—this frequency is silent to human but loud enough for dogs.

The dog whistle app is incredibly effective not only to train your dog but also stop him from barking. If you want to teach your pup some new tricks, use this dog whistle app and save your time.

Dog Whistle is loaded with abundant features, such as whistle training, useful tips to teach your dog to behave, and custom whistles with a click. Save your custom whistle for easier use in the future. Simply go to history and play your custom whistles whenever you need it.

Plus, this whistle and training app has a built-in dog clicker to reward your doggo. Choose different commands you want to teach and enhance dog training experience.

3. Dog Whistle by Zbigi

Dog Whistle by Zbigi

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Do you want to train your new pup? Does your dog bark too much and you want to stop him? Look no further. Dog Whistle by Zbigi offers a smart solution to train new commands and teach your dog to behave in a fun way.

Designed with a simple interface, this dog whistle app generates high frequency sound that only your dog can hear it. You can freely initiate various frequency sounds from 7 kHz to 19 kHz depending on your dog’s response.

And if you are looking for a dog whistle app to stop barking, Dog Whistle by Zbigi could be your best bet. Many users have utilized this application to repel dogs and stop them from barking especially at night. But remember not to abuse your animal by using this sound for too long.

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To ensure your convenience, it has a widget that can be set on your main screen. Tap on the widget without having to access Dog Whistle app from your menu.

4. Dog Whistle by Epsilon Ventures

Dog Whistle by Epsilon Ventures

Download on Google Play

With the ability to emit high frequency sound up to 22 kHz, Dog Whistle app by Epsilon Ventures could be your best training partner. This free app is designed to help dog parents train their canine without frustration thanks to loud sounds it produces.

You can take advantage of this app in a variety of ways like training your dog, teaching new tricks and commands, or stopping them from barking. With a completely clean and simple interface, using this tool is extremely easy—all you have to do is set the frequency and tap whistle icon to produce sound.

Use this dog whistle app responsibly. It produces high frequency sounds that are silent to human but they are loud to dogs. Avoid giving your dog a long exposure of this sound as it can hurt them.

5. Dog Whistle & Training App

Dog Whistle n Training App

Download on Google Play

Thousands of happy dog parents use this dog whistle app for training their canine. It has everything you need to train, make friends, and socialize with your pup. Thanks to built-in whistle and clicker, making your dog obedient is only a few taps away.

The app is designed to emit high frequency sounds that range from 22 kHz to 25 kHz which is inaudible to human but loud to dogs. This is a powerful tool to build efficient communication with your pups, thus they can easily obey your instructions.

There are so many things to find in this best free dog whistle app, including over 300+ training lessons with video, puppy guide, and games. Whether you struggle with dog’s chewing behavior and potty training or want to have fun with some tricks and games, this training app is made just for you.

What’s amazing about this dog whistle app is that you won’t find excessive theory. Instead, it emphasizes on plenty of practices to ensure satisfying outcome.

6. Dog Whistle by Utilitech Studios

Dog Whistle by Utilitech Studios

Download on Google Play

Need a help with dog training? Try this best dog whistle app to generate high frequency sounds so your dog can hear your instructions and obey it. The application emits sounds up to 22 kHz frequency that is silent to you but audible to dogs.

This app helps save your time when training your pups. Set the whistle at specific frequency and play it for different commands. Start with basic training and find out how your dog responses to the sound. Use this tool for teaching new commands, calm down your pups, or call them.

What’s more, it comes in handy to improve dog’s behavior. Play the whistle whenever your dog starts messing up with your stuff or when your neighbor’s dog is barking late night.

If you’ve never used dog whistle app, this tool is added with new tips that allow you to learn how to use the whistle effectively. Be sure to allow your dog to get used to it before achieving your goal.

7. Dog Whistle by JetMob

Dog Whistle by JetMob

Download on Google Play

Dog Whistle by JetMob is a modest dog training tool that won’t consume your phone resources. Coming with a small download size, this app works well to help you train canine using an Android device. Thanks to high frequency sounds it generate.

This dog whistle app is designed to emit a variety of sound frequencies that ranges from 5 kHz to 18 kHz. These frequencies are loud enough for dogs, making it possible for them to understand your instructions. Simply choose a specific frequency and wait for the response of your pup.

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Interestingly, this dog whistle sound app highlights ear protection mode, a feature that is hardly found in other apps. This feature is especially useful for pups with sensitive ears.

8. Dog Whistle & Puppy Training

Dog Whistle & Puppy Training

Download on Google Play

Dog Whistle & Puppy Training is next in order. This high frequency generator app produces sounds from 100 Hz to 22 kHz, making it the perfect tool for training dogs. You can also use it to make your canine behave like stopping them from excessive barking or whining.

Aside from whistle, you can find a dog clicker with which you can give reward to your pups—dog clicker has been used by professionals to train dogs and teach new tricks. A variety of training tips are also available, helping you with effective and successful dog training.

Featuring an intuitive and cute design, this dog whistle can upgrade your training experience. If you want to get rid of traditional dog whistle then this application gives you the best download option. Interacting with your pet has never been this fun!

9. GoDog


Download on Google Play

Do you have a new dog and want to train them in easy steps? Try GoDog, a versatile training tool for taking care and training your doggies. Thousands of dog parents are happy using this app, thanks to a full set of features.

GoDog highlights a built-in dog whistle commonly used in dog training programs. Only with a few taps you can blow the whistle and let your dog get used to it. You can expect positive effect after few attempts. It also has a clicker with 3 common sounds.

Additionally, the dog training app includes a health and care diary that helps keep your best friend fit. It enables you to create reminders for vet visit, vaccinations, and medications. You can also log important events like competition or fashion show.

And if you wish to gain more insights on dog health, GoDog provides you with knowledge-based articles and verified information. All articles are checked by professional vets so you can get some peace of mind.

10. Free Dog Whistle Training Kit

Free Dog Whistle Training Kit

Download on Google Play

This is a cool app that brings intuitive UI design and simple layout. The virtual dog whistle is designed with convenience in mind, providing you with different high frequency tones to get your dog’s attention in a matter of seconds.

What makes it different from other dog whistle apps is that you can find unique color scheme for each frequency. Playing the dog whistle becomes more fun!

Whether you want to teach new tricks or get your dog behave, this app has you covered. In addition to dog whistle, teaser is another main highlight. Using this feature you can tease your dog and strengthen the bond. There are nine teasers to choose from, including chicken sound, cat sound, and door sound.

You can also learn tips about dog training and find frequently asked questions most users are interested in. This is a great way to improve your dog whistle training knowledge right from smartphone.

11. Dog Whistle by Twinc Apps

Dog Whistle by Twinc Apps

Download on Google Play

Featured by Twinc Apps, this is a dog whistle app to bring dog training to another level. With this application you can select a high frequency pitch and play to grab attention of your canine. This method is applicable for training your pup or get him behaved without having to put extra effort.

Unlike traditional dog whistle, this tool is completely easy to use. Once downloaded, you can set the frequency and hit play button. You might be unable to hear the sound but your dog can clearly hear it. Use this app together with dog training tools to teach your pet.

Your dogs are already trained? You may need this dog whistle application to stop your neighbor’s dog from barking late night. Even if you don’t have a dog, it comes in handy to deter canine from your yard. Whatever your needs, you will always find this app useful.

Finding the best dog whistle apps shouldn’t be time consuming. Use this list as your reference and go get them on the Google Play Store. Which one is your favorite?

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