11 Best Countdown Apps for Android

Best Countdown Apps for Android

Countdown apps are a great tool to anticipate your big days, be it wedding, birthday, or anniversary. Having this app on your device helps you focus on the preparation so that the D-day can be memorable. If you are looking for the best countdown apps for Android, you’ve come to the right page.

Myriad countdown applications are available on Google Play Store. While it requires extra effort to find a trusty app on your own, you have a better option to take. If you don’t have much time to scroll through Google Play Store, the following reference can be a huge help.

Best Countdown Apps for Android

Top-rated countdown apps for your Android device have been compiled here. One app might have more features than the others, so you can pick one that meets your requirements. Here is a closer look at the best countdown applications to install.

1. Time Until

Download on Google Play

This is not an ordinary app that offers boring countdowns for different events. This app allows you to create unique countdowns, thanks to online gallery where you can find hundreds of free images. It also has live backgrounds that bring life to your event countdowns.

Choose any unit combination that suits you best, from years to seconds. You can also enjoy full-screen mode countdowns only by double-tapping the screen. There are lots of customization options that let you create different and personalized countdowns.

This app is equipped with widgets, which means it can be easily accessed from your home screen. You can benefit from many other features, such as reminders, repeat countdowns for recurring events, dark mode, and lightweight applications. Not to mention it allows you to sort countdowns by date too.

2. Final Countdown

Final Countdown

Download on Google Play

Final Countdown is among the most popular countdown apps for Android. Coming with a set of useful features, this app has been trusted by million users throughout the world. It allows you to set countdowns to important events, in addition to sync countdowns across devices both Android and iOS.

This application features a resizable countdown widget that lets you check on the countdown right from the home screen. You can also take benefits from its cloud backup feature using Facebook login. This means you will never lose countdown data and it can be easily accessed from any devices.

What’s more? Final Countdown allows you to customize recurring countdowns. It has over 300 HD background images which can be accessed for free to personalize the countdown to your big day. Additionally, this app lets you share live countdowns through various social media platforms.

3. Countdown Days App & Widget

Countdown Days App & Widget

Download on Google Play

This is a fun countdown app that offers beautiful countdown widgets in different themes. You can add as many widgets as you want until your special events come. Besides featuring attractive widgets, this app offers reminders and notifications for upcoming events. It’s unlikely to miss your big days!

The application is packed with tons of features, including countdown widgets that come in different sizes from 1×1 to 4×3. It counts days, hours, and minutes until the events as well as days after. With a vast collection of stickers, this app is fully customizable. You can also use your photos for widgets.

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This countdown app is super easy to use. To add a widget to the home screen, simply long press any widget that you want then drop to your home screen. Enter new title and make a new countdown for upcoming events. This app is lightweight and has million active users worldwide.

4. Countdown Time

Countdown TimeDownload on Google Play

This is a free countdown application to anticipate big events in your life. Using this app, your events will be counted in real-time, from hours to seconds. You can feel the excitement as your big day comes closer. What makes it more attractive is that you can share it with family and friends.

Countdown Time app features beautiful backgrounds to customize your countdowns. Choose a background that represents your feelings and make the day yours. There are many other features to benefit from this app, such as customizable widget for easier access to countdowns.

It also provides you with elegant design, multiple themes, as well as HD backgrounds to personalize the countdowns. As the day comes closer, you will receive daily notifications. Let your friends and family feel the excitement by using its built-in event sharing. Overall, this is a great countdown app for Android.

5. Days Left

Days LeftDownload on Google Play

Days Left is another practical countdown timer that helps you count days until the events. This app is equipped with unique widgets, allowing you to check on the countdown right from the home screen. Much like other top-rated countdown apps, this fantastic tool is super simple and user-friendly.

Adding a widget to your home screen is a piece of cake with Days Left. All you have to do is press long home screen and tap Add apps and widgets. Or, you can also press long on the widget and drop onto the home screen. Once added, you will be able to view days before the big day.

This app comes with 2×1 widgets that come in different colors. You can add as many widgets as you want on the home screen so that you do not miss any important events. Whether it is your wedding, anniversary, or birthday of someone special, Days Left helps count to the celebration.

6. Big Days

Big DaysDownload on Google Play

Million users have trusted their important events to Big Days. This countdown timer tool lets you view not only the remaining days but also days elapsed after the D-day. The app is suitable for a variety of purposes, ranging from appointments, weddings, birthdays, vacations, anniversaries, and many more.

The app is made customizable, which means you can personalize the layout. Thanks to free images available on Pixabay that can be chosen to embellish your countdown timer. If you can’t find one that suits your event, it allows you to choose event images right from camera roll or phone gallery.

Big Days is not only beautiful but also functional. It lets you create alarm for individual event, in addition to providing you with list of all created events. What makes it more attractive is that you can create unlimited events on this app! For easier access, drag and drop the countdown timer wherever you want.

7. TheDayBefore

TheDayBeforeDownload on Google Play

As the name suggests, TheDayBefore shows you the remaining days and days elapsed after the event. Once an event is added, the app counts the number of days left until the event. Featuring notifications and widgets, it is unlikely to miss your big day like wedding, anniversary, important meeting, or others.

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TheDayBefore is rich in feature, allowing you to make the most out of it. The widgets are available in three different sizes so you can pick the right size for your home screen. It also provides you with 7 ways of calculating days, such as days left, days count, week count, and month count.

To make you feel the excitement, this app features background photo and motion stickers. Make your countdown timer more attractive with any photos you desire. Last but not least, it offers a Story feature that lets you write story from the added event.

8. Vacation Countdown App

Vacation Countdown AppDownload on Google Play

Are you planning for a vacation? This is a great app to help you count the days to the seconds until you embark. Much like other countdown timers, this tool is super easy to use. Simply input your trip destination along with the date and time and let the app do the job for you.

Vacation Countdown app is supported by several incredible features. It can handle as many vacation plans as you want ensuring you won’t miss any trip. This app offers a custom background theme that lets you set a background theme that matches your liking. Personalize the timer with your own image!

Some of the attractive background pictures include incredible Hawaiian waterfall, beach scenes, snow landscape, fantastic mountain scenery, and much more. This app gets more exciting with vacation packing checklist and vacation games. You can also share with friends through social media platforms.

9. The Big Day

Download on Google Play

Counting the days before your wedding can be overwhelming, especially if you have a lot of things to prepare. Luckily, The Big Day can help you count the days so that you can focus on the preparation. The wedding planner and countdown timer has everything you need to make a wonderful wedding.

This app highlights some features such as a customized background image that lets you use your own image. You can also track wedding guests, keep track of wedding expenses, and create a seating sheet. Thanks to the widget support that helps you access the timer quickly from the home screen.

It has more features that come standard in its wedding planner counterparts, such as a simple and clean interface, guest list, wedding day timeline, to-do-list, and built-in sharing feature. The least mention allows you to share the beautiful countdown timer with friends.

10. Wedding Countdown Boho Vintage Flower Widget

Wedding Countdown Boho Vintage Flower WidgetDownload on Google Play

This is another wedding countdown application that makes your wedding preparation a lot easier. It can serve as a wedding planner and countdown timer which shows the days to the seconds until your D-day. Equipped with a widget, it keeps your countdown accessible from the home screen.

Pick your floral wreaths to make the widget match your wedding theme. Different styles are available, from vintage to boho and shabby chic. A bunch of features are ready to enjoy, such as built-in sharing, wedding checklist and tips, and wedding background.

With the help of this app, you will have more time to prepare for the big day. You can focus on putting yourself in the right mood, finding a venue, looking for wedding attire, and much more.

Overall, there are tons of countdown apps you can find on Google Play Store, but only few are reliable. The best countdown apps for Android above come with the best features to help you count the days until the D-day. Pick your favorite!

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