9 Best Bill Reminder Apps for Android

Best Bill Reminder Apps

Bill reminder apps offer a brilliant and practical solution to help you see approaching bills. When you have so many things in your brain, chances are that you would miss some of them. This is why you need the best bill reminder apps to help you remember incoming bills and payments.

It has been long-known that if you fail to pay monthly bills on time then it will cost you a fortune. You might have to pay some extra money for the fine, which is not everyone’s favorite thing. To avoid this disaster, all you have to do is to get a bill reminder app for your Android.  

Best Bill Reminder Apps for Android

Bill reminder apps typically allow you to view approaching payment so you can pay the bills before the due date. Some apps come with extra features and functions such as budget planner, spending management, and more. Let’s have a closer look at the best payment reminder apps for Android.

1. Money Lover

Money Lover

Money Lover is an award-winning financial management app that helps you manage personal finance. Whether you want to track spending, monitor transactions, or create monthly budget, you can use this app to get the tasks done. Link Money Lover to your bank account for automatic transaction tracking.

When it comes to bill reminders, it provides you with a feature that lets you add recurring bills and transactions. When the due date is near, you may receive notifications so you won’t miss it. You can also gain more insights to your spending pattern.

There are so many other things you can do with this bill reminder app. For example, you can track more than 1 wallet, create unlimited financial plans, and create a budget for special events. It also lets you create a financial plan to pay off the debt and add credit wallet.

This is a versatile bill reminder app that helps you gain a better and healthier financial plan. Supporting financial planning, reporting, and budgeting in one app, it feels like having a personal financial planner in your pocket.

Money Lover app is designed with a simple yet beautiful interface, ensuring its accessibility to everyone. Use this app for free or unlock exclusive features by upgrading to the premium version.

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2. Wallet


Are you looking for a personal finance manager? Wallet is a budget expense tracker that should be on your list. The top-notch financial planner is designed to help you save money, plan your finance, and get insights into your financial conditions. Synchronize with your bank account for weekly reports.

As one of the best bill reminders, Wallet features Planned Payments that serves as your personal bill tracker. It ensures you pay all the payments and bills before the due date by organizing your bills and keeping track of due dates. Use this app to see upcoming payments and how it impacts your cash flow.

Wallet highlights more features such as automatic bank updates which help you track bank transactions; flexible budget that helps you plan your spending and save money; and insightful reports that provide you with financial overviews in simple graphs.

Wallet has more other features such as automatic cloud synchronization, multiple currency support, receipt and warranty tracking, and hash-tagging. Before using this app, be sure to create an account and get ready to track your expenses.

Are you concerned about data safety? Wallet is certified with eTrust so you can synchronize with your bank account with peace of mind.

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3. To Do Reminder with Alarm

To Do Reminder with Alarm

To Do Reminder is basically a general reminder app for various purposes. But you can specify its function to remind you about the approaching bills and payments. With a simple and user-friendly interface, this best bill reminder app is completely quick and easy to use.

You don’t have to put everything in your brain. With To Do Reminder, you can set the alarm and type the tasks or to-do list and simply forget it. When the due date is near, it sends you either alarm or notification with your favorite sound. No more missing the due date with this app.

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To Do Reminder comes loaded with features. In addition to saving your tasks and sending notifications, it lets you customize your reminder to your heart’s content. It also gives you options for recurring events so that the reminder repeats every minute, hourly, daily, or even yearly.

Furthermore, this app supports Speech-to-Text with which you can create a reminder without typing. And if you want to set it to suit your mood, To Do Reminder allows you to choose between day theme and night theme.

Keep your data safe with backup and restore options. Use this feature to save your reminders to Drive, as mail attachments, or to SD card. You can also use it as a convenient credit card reminder app.

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4. Mint


Mint offers a fresh way to manage your finance. Whether you want to reach financial goals, grow savings, see bills, or simply track monthly expenses, this application offers the best features to get your tasks completed.

Built as a free money manager and budgeting app, Mint puts together your financial details. Use this app to track transactions and account balances, monitor monthly expenses, and control spending to meet your financial goals. You can also get bill reminders to avoid fines.

This best bill reminder app allows you to manage bills in a simple and easy way. Not only does it help you track bills, but you can also get monthly bill reminders to make sure you don’t miss it. As a bonus, it provides you with a track expense feature so you can reach your financial goals more quickly.

Mint also promises better budgeting. Besides giving you a budget tracker, it also offers budgeting tips and advice. If you just start to organize your financial plan then all the tips and advice make your way a lot easier. What’s interesting, it also gives you access to apply for home loans with Rocket Mortgage.

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5. TimelyBills

TimelyBills Reminder

Do you need a reliable monthly budget planner and bill payment organizer? TimelyBills comes in handy to help you organize payment and monthly budget, at the same time it can serve as a debt tracker and payoff planner.

The best free bill reminder app provides an income and payment tracker with which you can set up a weekly budget or monthly budget. This is how you can easily figure out how much you spend on groceries, household utilities, shopping, and more. It also encourages you to save more and more.

TimelyBills comes with a versatile bill organizer that not only manages payment but also reminds you about the approaching bills. Using this app, you can pay bills on time and avoid extra spending due to late payment. Set your bill details and it will send reminders automatically.

There are more features to find on TimelyBills such as customized categories to track all expenses, reports in PDF and excel formats, retirement fund calculator, and debt payoff calculator. Plus, it supports worldwide currencies so you can use it in any country.

TimelyBills take your security seriously. It uses security PIN and fingerprint login to make sure your data can’t be accessed by unauthorized parties. It also uses SSL encryption for data transfer to protect your sensitive data.

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6. Easy Bills Reminder

Easy Bills Reminder

As the name suggests, this is the best bill reminder app that makes bill payment a lot easier. It sends daily payment reminder on your phone so you can monitor your bills. Notifications can be dismissed by marking the bill as paid or removing it manually.

Easy Bills Reminder is loaded with features. Among the main highlights is advanced repeating options that allows you to choose the intervals; dark and light modes that suit your mood; and different views such as calendar view, paid view, monthly view, and more.

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For easier use in many countries, this app comes with multiple language interfaces. It also supports multiple currencies so you can plan and manage budgets in your own currency. Backup and restore to Google Drive ensures your data safety.

Featuring user-friendly interface, Easy Bills Reminder is free to download. But you can upgrade to the premium version to unlock exclusive benefits such as no ads, ability to lock app, auto backup to Google Drive, and more.

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7. Bills Reminder

Bills Reminder

Get rid of late payment fees with Bills Reminder. This is one of the best bill reminder apps to organize your bills on mobile device and get daily reminders to keep you paying on time. If you don’t want to waste money for the banks, this is a must-have app on your Android.

You might be asking how Bills Reminder works. After you enter the amount of your bill payment and the due date, it will give you alert five days before its due. You can also customize the number of days as your convenience.

During these days, Bills Reminder will send you notifications until the bill is paid. The default time is at 8 am each day but it is customizable. What makes this app unique is that the notification comes even when the app is not opened.

Furthermore, Bills Reminder supports recurring bill payment. Feel free to customize the repeating period either daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. After payment is made, you can capture the receipt and attach it alongside the bill reminder for future reference.

Best of all, you can enjoy all these features for free. Built with a simple and clean interface, this app is accessible to everyone.

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8. Bills Reminder – Track Payment

Bills Reminder - Track Payment

Are you in search of the best bill reminder app to help you with timely payment? Bills Reminder comes in handy to track your payment, manage expenses, and send reminder in advance so you don’t have to spend more money for late payment fees.

Bills Reminder is a full-featured payment tracker with which you can create recurring or one time payment. Simply enter the amount of your bill, due date, and category. Once your payment is set, it will send reminder 5 days in advance. The number of days can be configured as desired.

Mark your bill reminder after payment is made. Just in case you mark the wrong bill, this action can be reverted so you can bring it back to unpaid. No worries, your reminder will come 5 days in advance or as configured previously.

What makes Bills Reminder more interesting is expense graphs that display wide expenses for the next months. These graphs help you make a better financial plan so you can achieve your financial goals. Besides, the configuration feature lets you improve this app to meet your preferences.

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9. Bills Reminder by Ascent24

Bills Reminder by Ascent24

This is one of useful bill reminder apps that has been a favorite among Android users. With the ability to manage your bills and send notifications, it helps you pay on time and avoid extra fees due to late payment. With an easy-to-use interface, using this app won’t be a headache.

On Bills Reminder, you can set your bills alongside the due date. It will automatically post reminders of your bills a few days in advance. This means you don’t have to remember all the bills because this app will do it for you. Plus, you can organize your bills and view it anytime.

Bills Reminder is highly customizable. Feel free to customize options like currency, reminder time, and alert sound to make it suit you. Managing bills is now quick, easy, and stress-free.

To use this app, simply tap + icon to add new bills. Fill the details such as payment amount, bill name, and the due date. Once everything is set, it will send notifications in a specified period of time. It also supports recurring bills so you don’t have to set it over again.

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Organize your bills and get rid of late payment fee with the best bill reminder apps. These apps are designed to send you reminders before the due date, help you organize bills, manage finance, and even track expenses. Find one that suits your preferences and meet your financial goals.

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