11 Best Monopoly Games for Android

Best Monopoly Games for Android

Do you miss old times when you play classic board games with friends or family? While it’s rather hard to seek physical monopoly board game these days, you can easily find the best monopoly games for Android. These games are designed to bring back childhood memory in a different way.

Much like old monopoly games, these Android apps let you hone skills and strategies in running a business. Earn money and expand your business so you can be a tycoon or millionaire. And, you can buy or sell real estate to gain more profit.

Best Monopoly Games for Android

We’ve gathered top-rated monopoly games on Google Play Store. Some applications may come with more features than others, so you can pick a game that meets your needs. Take a closer look at the best monopoly games for your Android device.

1. Board Kings

Board Kings

Download on Google Play

Board Kings is probably the most popular monopoly game for Android with more than 10 million installs in total. This online board game lets you build a city with attractive gameplay—rolling the dice is all you need to do. Play this fun dice game with friends and family.

The online multiplayer board game is loaded with tons of features. It lets you build a board city and earn coins as you go. You can also travel to other boards built by other players. Guess what? This game allows you to steal friend’s stuff so you can win the game.

Additionally, Board Kings enables you to unlock new boards and find one that meets your needs. You can also upgrade game boards to bring your business adventure to the next level. Luckily, new game boards are updated regularly so you won’t lose interest in Board Kings.

2. Business Board

Business Board

Download on Google Play

Before starting a serious business, hone your skills with the Business Board. This board game for Android lets you run a property business, earn money, and become a property tycoon. You will learn trade and business by selling and buying properties.

In this game, you have to roll a dice to move around the board, buy and trade properties, and develop your own properties. Collect rent from other players and drive them to bankruptcy to win the game. But be careful! Don’t end up in jail because you won’t be able to move from there.

Despite all the things you can do, earning money is the most important goal to achieve. The more money you have, the more powerful your business. During financial crises, mortgaging your properties can be the best decision to stay powerful.

3. Monopoly by Marmalade Game Studio

Monopoly by Marmalade Game Studio

Download on Google Play

From Marmalade Game Studio, Monopoly is the best monopoly game for Android to enjoy the excitement of board games. It supports offline and online mode which makes it easy to play with or without internet connection. As you are outside, simply access this game and have some fun.

Monopoly by Marmalade Game Studio has a variety of popular features, such as premium experience without ads; common house rules that make it easy to play; quick mode that lets you finish the board game faster; and single player whenever you want to play against artificial intelligence.

Much like classic monopoly board games, earn money as much as possible and bring your opponent into bankruptcy. As a bonus, this game is made safe for kids so you can play with all family members. It can be a great choice for your friends and family, especially if you don’t mind spending a dime.

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4. Monopoly Slots

Monopoly Slots

Download on Google Play

Monopoly Slots makes your dream come true. This game combines classic monopoly board game and slot machines, resulting in an exciting game for Android. Build your own city and be a millionaire by earning money and grab coins to upgrade your gaming experience.

This fun game features thrilling missions that require you to earn bucks. Advance in the game by purchasing properties and building a city. Featuring Chance Cards, you can find destiny and fortune just like in the old board game. Not to mention it features a fun bonus slots game.

As one of top-rated monopoly games on Google Play Store, Monopoly Slots has got more than 5 million installs. With in-app products, it allows you to purchase extra items and features at various prices. This board game runs well on Android 4.1 and higher.

5. CrazyPoly


Download on Google Play

CrazyPoly has typical features commonly found on monopoly games for Android. Much like a classic board game, this business dice game requires you to earn money and bring opponents into bankruptcy. You can buy properties, build a city, and collect rent from other players with economic strategy.

The main goal of this game is quite simple—bring opponents into bankruptcy. As you are getting richer, increase rent to the opponents so they get bankrupt. That’s how you win the game. For a better gaming experience, it comes with two unique themes, including old Western and juicy Classic.

Plus, CrazyPoly supports offline mode that allows you to play with smart robots. There are three levels of difficulty, from easy to medium to hard. Or if your Android device is connected to the internet, play with friends or family on the same device.

6. Monopolist


Download on Google Play

Next on the list of the best monopoly games for Android is Monopolist. From Black Fort Games, this app is suitable for all ages. Combination of skills, strategies, and a bit of luck will help you win the game. The main goal is to remain wealthy while bringing your opponents into bankruptcy.

A variety of features are brought to you by Monopolist. It supports local multiplayer, allowing you to play with a guest or Facebook friends. With 2 to 6 player modes, you can play this board game with friends or family to get ultimate fun. And, it lets you watch a video to get free coins.

Much like classic monopoly games, you can build hotels or houses to earn more cash. If you cannot find a friend to play with, simply play against computer that is equipped with smart AI so you won’t win easily. Besides, this app lets you create private room as well as play with other players worldwide.

7. Europoly


Download on Google Play

Europoly is another recommended monopoly game for Android. Roll the dice to move around the board, build houses, buy properties, and bankrupt your opponent to reach the main goal. This is a real-estate board game you will enjoy with friends or family.

This game supports up to 4 players. As you move your pawn in Europe set, buy or auction an unowned property. But if it’s owned by other player, you have to pay the rent. Economic strategies and skills are highly required to force your opponents into bankruptcy.

Playing Europoly on Android devices, be it phone or tablet, brings lots of fun. The board perfectly fits your device, offering the best gaming experience. Additionally, this app is highly customizable. You can choose different avatars, adjust game speed, choose avatar colors, and activate in-game sound.

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8. Let’s Get Rich

Line Let’s Get Rich

Download on Google Play

If you are looking for the best monopoly game for Android that is fun for all ages, Let’s Get Rich could be it. Simply roll the dice and explore the whole board for a new adventure. Traverse the world with your friends and family and become a real estate tycoon.

The main goal of this game is to be rich and bankrupt your rival. As you travel the world, you can build famous buildings and landmarks in various places around the globe. With your dice and character cards, grab all the properties you need to make your dream come true.

In this game, you will also find Chance Cards that will help turn the tables of your rival. It forces them to switch properties with you, spread plagues over their cities, and lower the values of their land. Team up with your friends to realize a dream real estate.

9. Business Game

Business Game 

Download on Google Play

With over 1 million installs on Google Play Store alone, Business Game is another top-rated monopoly tool for Android. Adopting the iconic board game, it helps you learn business and trade with lots of fun. The game lets you buy and sell properties to earn money and be a real estate tycoon.

Business Game is ideal for all ages, making it a great option to play with the entire family. You can team up with your kids or partner to win the game—remain financially solvent and bankrupt your opponent. Build your dream house and neighborhood, charge rent, and grow your empire.

Despite it’s a game, economic strategies are highly demanded. With a support for multiplayer—up to 6 player mode, it allows you to play with Facebook friends or other players worldwide. Plus, you can create private rooms and invite friends to play in Friends Mode.

10. Rento


Download on Google Play

Rento is an online dice board game for two to six players. As one of the best monopoly games for Android, it offers a lot of excitement to play with friends or relatives. Whether you want to build houses, trade lands, or win auctions, Rento has everything you need for a business board game.

As you play, you can choose one from four available modes: Online mode that lets you play with real people; Solo mode when you have to play versus artificial intelligence robots; Bluetooth mode that supports up to 4 players; and Pass N Play which allows you to pass the device to others.

With those modes, your gaming experience will be more fun. If you want to show off business strategy and economic skills, online mode can be a perfect mode. This app runs well on Android 4.4 and above. It offers in-app products if you want to purchase additional items.

11. Business Tour

Business Tour

Download on Google Play

Business Tour lets you play online business games with friends. Supporting up to 4 players, you can join a tournament, complete daily tasks, and exchange awards for more profit. With easy gameplay, it is quite simple to play but it isn’t simple to win—your sharp mind will be needed here.

This game supports various play modes, allowing you to play alone, compete with strangers, or invite friends to make a team. Your business strategy will be a main weapon to win this game. For more rewards, join regular tournaments and get attractive prizes.

What’s more to enjoy? Business Tour features over 100 unique dice and characters, daily tasks, and private tables which can be accessed with your ID. Additionally, it has the ability to link Google accounts and Steam for a better gaming experience.

Among the best monopoly games for Android above, which one is worth your thought? A game offers more features than others, so it’s easier to meet your needs. Whether you want to be a real estate tycoon or simply want to hone business skills, these monopoly games apps bring lots of excitement.

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