11 Best Songwriting Apps for Android

Best Songwriting Apps

Have you ever tried the best songwriting apps on the Play Store? As its name suggests, it gives you a virtual assistant that helps write down your idea.

And of course, there is no need to use paper and pen when you have an excellent app to write your lyrics. Everything is accessible to your phone and you can bring it anywhere you go.

So, if your ideas always come up randomly, utilizing apps to write lyrics will be a huge advantage.

Best Songwriting Apps for Android You Should Own

Today, there are tons of apps you can find on the Play Store that will help you write down your ideas. Below, you will find the best ones you can try. Many of them are free and also offer other features that will be useful for daily use.

Other than suggestions of the best app for writing lyrics, you can read a short review of each app.

1. Lyric Notepad

Lyric Notepad

The first songwriting lyrics app on this list is called the Lyric Notepad app. As its name suggests, this app is excellent to be your notepad while providing a dedicated place to write lyrics.

Other than that, you can check the words you’ve written with other rhyming word options in the dictionary. You will get the experience of collaborating with other artists since the app may suggest words or lyrics that sound better for a specific mood.

The Lyric Notepad app comes with an inbuilt metronome, which is perfect for any musician who wants to match the words with beat and rhythm. Other interesting features include:

  • It has a measure mode to break the lyrics so that you can determine the tunes effortlessly.
  • The syllable counter feature helps break up the words so novice singers will get a huge help.
  • Recording feature is also available.

The Lyric Notepad is a one-stop lyric-writing app and simply one of the best ones on the market. Every budding artist needs to consider utilizing this app in the first place.

Download on Google Play

2. Rhyme Time Professional

Rhyme Time Professional

When it comes to the best lyric writing apps for Android, Rhyme Time Professional definitely made it on the list. This app is created and developed by HYDL. It undoubtedly helps you to get your road to be a professional songwriter for sure.

Other than finding lyrics, the app helps you to get the rhyme along with other alternatives that may sound better for your next work. Other noteworthy features about this app include:

  • The audio pronunciation feature allows you to listen to how to pronounce a word and find the best way to use it. It is a good thing when it comes to choosing a rhythm.
  • The app has a dictionary that will feel like a way out when you find a difficult time arranging words.
  • Rhyme Time Professional is excellent for singers, rappers, and poets too.

More than anything, Rhyme Time Professional is a go-to app for those who look for an excellent app to help put words together. This app is free and you should try it.

Download on Google Play

3. Tully


Other than knowing how to write a song, you need a perfect app that helps arrange your words to be an excellent piece of work. Tully is the app you are looking for then.

It has various features to make the songwriting process effortless and significantly put your best interest in one place. Compared to the previous apps, Tully involves more manual steps.

By that, you can modify your work depending on your style and preference. Whether it will be a bit soulful or more catchy, the app will accommodate you.

Tully comes with an inbuilt recording system and its technology can isolate your voice without disturbing any sound you are producing. Other than that, you can share your work with other users through the app.

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Of course, working with your friends will be more effortless with the sharing feature. So, why don’t you give Tully a try?

Download on Google Play

4. Songwriter Pad LE-Songwriting

Songwriter Pad LE-Songwriting

Songwriter’s Pad is one of the best apps to write songs you can find on the Play Store. This helps a lot especially if you are stuck when gathering words to make a song.

According to many users, this app helps enhance and smoothen their skill on wiring lyrics, regardless of the song genre. Some essential features offered by Songwriter’s Pad include:

  • It has a thesaurus and dictionary to help you find the right words and rhymes.
  • You can import melodies and tunes to the app. The record information will go along with the file you imported.
  • Word suggestions to match the emotion of the song you are working on.

All in all, Songwriter’s Pad is an excellent app to assist your lyric-writing process. The essential features offered by this app are widely used by many top singers to produce their next music works.

All you need to do is to pick words and decide the mood. The app will do the magic to arrange your words right. You better prove it yourself, after all.

Download on Google Play

5. RoadWriter Lite

RoadWriter Lite

The idea of using a smartphone’s app to write lyrics is similar to if you write a song online. However, the app allows you to put your ideas in one place while you can bring anywhere as long as you have the phone with you.

RoadWriter Lite is an excellent app you must consider. It helps you write the lyrics effortlessly and improve your songwriting skills at the same time. The app allows you to import the tune and you can write the lyrics side by side.

RoadWriter Lite has several buttons that allow you to replay, go forward, or skip parts of the tune. By that, you can produce various songs without dealing with too much hassle.

More than anything, this app is such an excellent choice for both a pro and newbie. While it helps all pros to get their works done, new writers can improve their writing skills significantly.

RoadWriter Lite comes in both free and paid versions. If you are not sure to purchase the paid one, feel free to test the features from the free version.

Download on Google Play

6. Write Songs Lite

Write Songs Lite

Using a songwriting app online is a way to utilize technology at its best. Write Songs Lite, on the other hand, is an ideal songwriting app for lyricists, songwriters, and rappers – whether you are a novice or professional, this app is a great bet.

You can write words on the designated box and see how powerful those could be. Meanwhile, the dictionary helps you find word alternatives to improve your work.

Write Songs Lite will help you to write various genres or songs, whether it is gospel, soul, or pop-rock. Download this app and find out whether this one is for you or not. Since this app is free to download and use, you better give it a try now.

Download on Google Play

7. Lyric Pad 3

Lyric Pad 3

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a simple songwriter app, Lyric Pad 3 is definitely it. Other than helping you write the lyrics, the app offers various features to improve your words and become a professional musician in the first place.

Lyric Pad 3 comes with features that enhance your songwriting moment and be creative anytime you need it. Once you type a word, other alternatives that sound rhyming will show up on your screen – this is how you make nice songs, for sure.

As mentioned earlier, this app is designed both for first-time users and professionals in the first place. Thus, regardless of your level and intention, downloading Lyric Pad 3 will help with your creative works in many ways.

Download on Google Play

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8. Genius


Genius is another name you should consider when it comes to the best songwriting apps for Android. As a free app, you will get tons of benefits from using this app on your smartphone.

Other than allowing you to write lyrics and create music depending on your style, the app also shows popular lyrics which might help your writing process. It suits rappers, lyricists, and songwriters in general. But feel free to experiment and find how this app could be the best bet.

Besides providing space for you to write lyrics and create songs, Genius also comes up with various articles about singers and artists. It allows you to play music and listen to others’ songs without leaving the app in the first place.

All in all, Genius is an excellent app to write songs and find inspiration when you need them.

Download on Google Play

9. Songspace


When it comes to the best free songwriting apps, Songspace is definitely one of them. As a free app, Songspace provides tons of useful features every songwriter needs the most. Also, you can access your work when you have no internet connection. Interesting, right?

So, what can Songspace do for songwriters? Well, there are tons you can try with this app. Other than writing lyrics and getting the rhyming word alternatives, you can search the beats, tunes, or tracks that fit your lyrics for more inspirations. 

Working with producers and sound engineers with this app is also effortless. The pitch, tempo, and other settings are adjustable so that you can make something that reflects the mood.

All in all, this app is excellent for those who write songs and lyrics but not sure with the tone or beat in the first place. Give this app a try and see how useful this app for you is!

Download on Google Play

10. Evernote


Keep in mind that using a free lyric writing app is a way to create top songs. Even Ed Sheeran uses a note application to put their words in one place before turning them into a beautiful song.

Evernote, on the other hand, is a regular note application that helps you write down your inspirations. Once you are done with the lyrics, you can export the result into various formats, such as web clippings, PDFs, videos, audios, and many more.

In case you have written lyrics on a piece of paper, you can scan and upload it to the app for editing later. Evernote makes everything as simple as possible. Other than that, you can combine all works on your phone and turn them into a book easily.

The free version is more than enough to enjoy the basic features offered by Evernote. However, you can always upgrade your plan to a premium one and get a bigger room to upload your work along with other sophisticated features.

Download on Google Play

11. Soundcloud


You might be familiar with Soundcloud for its song streaming platform. Many professionals and aspiring artists put their works on this platform. On the other hand, you can find lots of beats that may inspire you to create good songs.

Other than being a streaming platform, you can use Soundcloud as a songwriting app for Android. It comes in both free and paid versions – you can pick the one that suits you the most.

The free version comes with some limitations, especially if you want to upload your work here. However, this app might provide excellent feedback that will enhance your work in the first place.

So, why don’t you give this app a try? Try the free version and see if you are ready to commit to its paid plan

Download on Google Play

The presence of those lyric writing apps is such a huge help, considering writing songs can be both easy and frustrating at the same time. While some people are gifted with such skills, using a lyric generator app would be a key that helps those who get stuck.

All the apps mentioned on the list above will help you brainstorm and get your work done. While the best songwriting apps offer similar features, you can give all the names on the list a try and pick one that works best for you.

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