9 Best Mood Board Apps for Android

Best Mood Board Apps

A mood board, also called an idea board, plays a key role in project preparations. Whether you are planning a photoshoot, creating a film, or preparing fashion projects, a mood board helps gather your ideas of the same concept. This is why finding the best mood board apps is important.

Digital mood boards allow you to gather the same ideas and style in a collage so they don’t scatter all over the place. What’s great, they are highly accessible from your Android device. Organize your thoughts and find inspirations for your projects with the following moodboard apps.

Best Mood Board Apps for Android to Inspire Your Projects

A good mood board should be able to gather your ideas and help others understand what you see, including your clients. Most graphic design apps allow you to create a mood board, though few apps are specifically designed for this purpose. Here are potential apps to try out.

1. Canva


Canva is a popular photo editor and it is one of the best options to create graphic design. Interestingly, it can also serve as a powerful mood board app. It has thousands of mood board templates and layouts to choose from—even it allows you to create ones from scratch.

This best mood board app basically incorporates drag-and-drop tools. That means you can easily drag any desired images and drop it to the customizable templates. Creating a collage of your ideas becomes so much easier with Canva.

If you run out of ideas, simply access the free stock library that provides you with more than 2M+ assets. These images are royalty-free and watermark-free, so you can scroll through the list and find one that suits your style. There’s no need to worry about pesky watermark or expensive royalty.

Adding notes to your images made simple with text feature. Canva lets you add text on photos with more than 500 fonts and effects to choose from. You can also enhance the pictures with graphic design elements, from illustrations to stickers and photo frames.

Working with your team isn’t a problem with Canva. It supports real time collaboration that allows anyone to access the mood board on any device. Editing team project and presentation anytime anywhere is possible with Canva.

Download on Google Play

2. Evernote


Built as a note-taking app, Evernote works efficiently to create a mood board. It helps collect your ideas so they become more organized. Using this app, you can accomplish your work anywhere anytime and be more productive.

Among other apps to make mood board, Evernote is completely easy to use. To get started, you will want to open a note and drag pictures. Add text to each image to give all the essential information you need for the projects. You can also add docs, sketches, and web clippings.

What’s great, Evernote allows you to use your phone camera to scan paper documents, printed images, business cards, and many more. Whenever you find images that suit your style, bring them to your mood board with this scan feature.

If you have a deadline to catch, this best free mood board app comes packed with the Tasks option. Not only can you set due dates, but it also provides you with reminders so you won’t miss the deadline. It also highlights a powerful search tool to find images and text.

Easily access your mood board anytime anywhere with the sync option. With this functionality, you can stay mobile and reach the idea board across devices.

Download on Google Play

3. Pinterest


Pinterest is not specifically designed to build a mood board but it works well to achieve the goal. It is home to tons of ideas and inspirations, so creating an idea board is quite simple with this app. This is why it deserves your attention when it comes to the best mood board apps.

Millions of active users discover new ideas and inspiration through Pinterest. For creating a mood board, you can pin or save any images that inspire you or that suit your concept. You will be able to view pinned images and collect them in one place.

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This is a double combo that not only provides you with ideas but also helps you keep them. Let your friends know your favorite style with a built-in share tool. Plus you can find new creators that give you new ideas and inspiration.

Whether you are into wedding projects, photography, or DIY projects, Pinterest can be your best partner. You can always find the best ideas for your mood board in this program.

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4. Project Life

Project Life

Project Life is a digital scrapbooking app to simplify your projects. It is so much easier to collect photos of the same style and concept without printing them, allowing you to save a lot on paper and inks. Everything becomes so simple, thanks to easy-to-use tools and features.

This moodboard maker app includes built-in templates that help you create a mood board in a matter of minutes. It also has pre-designed artwork so you do not have to start from scratches. Creating a photo collage made simple, thanks to new designer cards that are updated monthly.

Make your mood board more informative with notes. To make it more attractive, Project Life gives you the option to adjust font style, color, and size. Plus, you can adjust background color and change page layouts as much as you want.

Choose either 4×6 or 6×8 collage options for your mood board. Once you pick a layout decision, drag and drop any photos you desire. It is possible to import photos from your Gallery. Customize added photos with zoom option and corner option.

Project Life gives you several options for completed pages. You can either export, share or print your creation 

Download on Google Play

5. Vision Board

Vision Board

This program is basically designed to visualize your vision and dream into achievable goals but it can also serve as a mood board. Featuring a drag-and-drop functionality, it helps you find photos and collect them in one place.

Many other features are available to improve your mood board experience. For instance, you can mark important photos or add notes. Reorder images are also possible with drag and drop. 

Vision Board allows you to set your project goal to keep you motivated. What’s interesting, this best mood board app features Viewing Mode that lets you visualize your goals with background music. In addition, you can also set a title for the project and deadline so you won’t be overdue.

Vision Board is free to download but you can buy in-app purchases for additional features. Thanks to intuitive layout and user-friendly interface that helps improve your experience.

Download on Google Play

6. Desygner


Desygner offers a convenient way to build a mood board. This versatile graphic design maker provides you with plenty of templates to choose from. Or if you have lots of ideas, feel free to build ones from scratch.

Not only can you find thousands of templates for a quick mood board making, but also you can discover billions of images and graphics. No need to worry about running out of ideas for your mood board. As a bonus, you can get extra access to Shutterstock Images by upgrading to Desygner Premium.

This app is created for graphic design so it contains tons of editing tools. Edit your images as you want, such as add text and effects, change colors and opacity, and add stickers and shapes. Crop, photo frames, and filters are also available in this best mood board app.

Using Desygner, you can have fun with your photos for mood boards. Make them meet your style and achieve your project goals with many other features, including photo layouts based on drag-and-drop, inbuilt PDF editor, and brand library.

Sign up to Desygner for free to enjoy these features. An upgrade will unlock more features, such as one-click background remover and team collaboration.

Download on Google Play

7. Adobe Express

Adobe Express

Adobe Express allows you to create mood boards on mobile phone. This graphic design app gives you an option to choose and upload your own images and try different layouts for idea boards. Featuring tons of royalty-free photo collection, it can be your best partner to accomplish the projects.

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With just a few taps, you can customize photos for the mood board. Whether you want to remove background, resize, or apply filters, this app has got you covered. Or if you wish to add more info to each photo, simply apply text effects and you’re good to go.

This best mood board app is completely easy to access across devices. Thanks to the synchronization feature that helps store your content on Creative Cloud Express. Just make sure your device is connected to the internet.

Built for creating graphic design means it comes loaded with templates for other purposes. Besides making a mood board, you will easily find templates for posters, logos, flyers, business graphics, and even social posts.

Adobe Express offers free sign-up but you can upgrade to premium subscription to unlock more features including more photo collections and effects, resize feature, and customize cutout. Try the full experience with a 14-day free trial and make your decision.

Download on Google Play

8. Houzz


Are you having a house remodel project? Creating a mood board can give you a huge help for the work. Houzz is one of the best mood board apps that provide you with an extensive range of ideas. Simply browse over 25 million photos of home exterior and interior and save it to your mood board.

You may want to annotate the pictures to make it more informative. Good news, Houzz offers a Sketch feature to draw and annotate directly on the photos. Now your mood board becomes more functional and of course, attractive.

Do you need some advice on your home project? Houzz has an Advice section in which you can discuss home design and remodel. The Houzz community will give you feedback and if you are lucky, they will help you solve the problem.

It also gives you the opportunity to connect with more than 3 million home professionals such as contractors, architects, and interior decorators. To give you more insights into home renovation, Houzz offers a biweekly newsletter with loads of informative articles.

Though Houzz is not specifically designed for making a mood board, it has convenient tools and features that allow you to make one. Choose images by location, style, or concept and you will be ready to get started.

Download on Google Play

9. Mural


Mural is known as an app for visual collaboration, which means you can use this tool to work together with your team. If you are planning on a creative process then Mural could be the best app to get the job done. This digital workspace allows your team to discuss and create a mood board together.

Create mood board app should be easy to access and rich in features. Mural meets these requirements, thanks to a user-friendly interface. Make your mood board from an Android mobile device and customize them with text box, sticky notes, shapes, and even formatting options.

With Mural, you can do a lot of things. In addition to creating a mural that becomes the main highlight, you can draw your own ideas with different colors and line sizes. Collect ideas of the same style and finish your projects without spending extra effort.

If you want to invite collaborators, simply use this app’s link permissions. Change the permissions and everyone with the link can easily access your mural. You can also add, mention, delete, and edit collaborators. Working with your team has never been simple.

Mural makes everything easier when it comes to adding images from your library. You can either take photo directly from the app or upload files from your phone gallery. Whenever you are done with the board, export as PDF or ZIP or share with your friends.

Download on Google Play

A mood board helps deliver the emotion, style, concept, or tone of your project. Finding the best mood board apps allows you to achieve the goal and accomplish the tasks without draining your brain. Now that you know the best apps to try out, it is time to choose one that meets your preferences.

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