10 Best Drawing Apps for Android: Draw On-the-Go

Best Drawing Apps for Android

Creative ideas can strike anytime but you don’t always have pencil and paper around. Thanks to the best drawing apps that come in useful to catch ideas only with your smartphone. Say no more to losing good ideas when you are away because you keep everything safe in the right place.

There are a plethora of drawing apps on the Google Play Store. When you surf the internet, you’ll find more apps than you can imagine. That’s why you might need help to discover some good apps to bring your creativity and productivity to the next level.

Best Drawing Apps for Android: Get Creative Anywhere

Telling a good drawing app is quite simple. As long as it has good ratings, millions of downloads, and a bunch of useful features, it is typically reliable to draw your sketches. Let’s have a closer look at the top picks of drawing applications below to capture your ideas on the go.

1. Ibis Paint X

Ibis Paint X

More than 100M users have trusted Ibis Paint X as their versatile drawing app for Android. This is a highly functional application to upgrade your drawing experience. Designed with so many features, your creative process becomes more fun.

As a reliable digital art app for mobile device, Ibis Paint X boasts a smooth and comfy drawing experience thanks to OpenGL technology. On top of that, it supports video recording during your drawing process so you can share it with friends.

This drawing application has more than 15,000 brushes, 15,000 materials, 80 filters, and 1,000 fonts. It also gives you access to dozens of blending modes and stroke stabilization feature for better results. A variety of rulers are also available for various purposes.

Add as many layers as you want with layer parameters that can be set individually. Besides, you can find various layer commands and a convenient clipping feature. Ibis Paint X is free to use but upgrading to prime membership offers a lot more functions.

Download on Google Play

2. Infinite Painter

Infinite Painter

Infinite Painter is one of the best drawing apps for your mobile device. Discover your ultimate experience when designing, drawing, and sketching through powerful features. Whether you are a serious artist or a hobbyist, it has everything you need for the creative process.

This award-winning app highlights a minimalist and simple interface that promises easy access to every user. It has the best pencil in its class, allowing you to pour your ideas out in classy and fascinating strokes. Drawing timelapse recording is also available to share with your friends.

Love to use brushes? Infinite Painter has hundreds of pre-loaded brushes to express your thoughts with realistic results. You can also find more than 100 customizable settings for brushes including real-time color adjustment and live effects, making it possible to draw the way you want.

Tons of other features are available to use, such as pixel-perfect editing, diversifying tools, smart shape detection, and more. It also gives you a chance to import images from clipboard, photos, or the internet. Upgrade to Pro version to unlock more features like HD canvas size and live filter layers.

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3. Concepts


Sketching your ideas on mobile phone made simple with Concepts. Providing you with a flexible space to brainstorm, this sketch app is suitable for creating designs, writing notes, making doodles, and even drawing storyboards.

Concepts is built with vector nature so it is highly tolerable to mistakes. Feel free to edit every stroke to your heart’s content and fix any mistake with provided tools such as slice, nudge, and select tools. Thanks to numerous features and tools, this app has been featured by pros and amateurs.

Concepts comes packed with a set of powerful features that make it one of the best drawing apps for Android. Realistic pencils and brushes are responsive to tilt and pressure while the infinite canvas supports various paper types. It also has a customizable tool wheel to catch your favorite.

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If you are a beginner or amateur sketcher, Concepts make everything easier. It has shape guides and measurement that help you draw a clean and accurate sketch. You can also personalize your tools, gestures, and canvas for a better experience.

For fast sketching, this app supports drag and drop function with which you can bring images on to the canvas for tracing or as reference. Thus, you don’t have to build a design from scratch.

Download on Google Play

4. MediBang Paint

MediBang Paint

Draw your first manga illustrations with MediBang Paint. This drawing app is designed to help you create artistic sketches and illustrations with a simple and intuitive interface. Featured by millions, this app is suitable for amateurs to professional illustrators.

Your creative process is worth recording so you can share with friends and inspire others. Good news for you, this app features timelapse creation to record the making process of the illustration. If you’re done, immediately share with other devices.

MediBang Paint is on the list of the best drawing apps for some reasons. In addition to the timelapse feature, it offers a plethora of background materials so you can focus on the core illustrations. Hundreds of brushes are also available for various expressions.

This app has a ton of useful features that make it comparable to the PC version. Hidden ads that might disturb your creative process can be addressed with a premium upgrade. The subscription-based version lets you unlock many features such as unlimited brushes and watermark-free timelapse.

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5. Drawing Desk

Drawing Desk

If you’re seeing a drawing app that works well for adults and kids, Drawing Desk is the one for you. This free drawing game allows you to draw, doodle, and sketch on your mobile device. Featuring a complete set of tools ranging from crayons to pencils and brushes, you can create your own artwork.

This Android drawing app offers five drawing modes. Kids Desk helps your kids make their first piece of art while Sketch Book comes in handy to pour out your ideas into sketches. There are also Doodle Desk, Photo Desk, and Coloring Desk that come with different functions.

Drawing Desk is suitable for kids to learn how to draw, making it a useful application for your parenting. It also includes over 500 coloring pages with various categories including alphabet, numbers, fruits, and more.

What’s interesting, new pictures are coming every day. Thanks to constant updates that make sure your kids won’t get bored with the activity. It supports offline and offline mode so you can have fun with imagination and creativity at any time anywhere.

All standard features on Drawing Desk are available for free. But you can access exclusive features with in-app purchases.

Download on Google Play

6. Sketchbook


With a boast of over a hundred million downloads, Sketchbook is a fascinating drawing app to improve your creativity. The award-winning sketching app welcomes every user who loves to draw. Whether you are an occasional illustrator or professional artist, you’ll find this app interesting.

Sketchbook is powered by professional-grade features and customizable tools to optimize your experience. This best drawing app is built with a simple and easy-to-use design. With minimum distractions, you can focus on your illustration making.

Various brush types ensure your artwork looks exactly the same as your thought. Choose from pencil markers, smear, or airbrushes to get the perfect results. The brushes are customizable, allowing you to explore creativity without limit.

Beginners who need a little help can take advantage of guide support to learn how this app works. It also provides you with rulers and stroke tools that ensure your precision. As a plus, it features layers with blend modes that promise drawing flexibility.

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7. Bamboo Paper

Bamboo Paper

Catch ideas whenever it comes with Bamboo Paper. No more taking pencil and paper everywhere as it transforms your smartphone into a sketchbook. Feel free to record your design outlines on the go with this versatile application and no more losing your precious ideas.

Bamboo Paper allows you to do many things to express your imagination. Featuring 36 color swatches, you can build a color palette containing your favorite colors and set them to your artwork. It also has a zoom function with which you can add tiny details.

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As one of the best free drawing apps, Bamboo Paper is crafted with a simple and user-friendly interface that promotes the app’s usability. As a plus, it supports a quick note widget to make a new page with just a click from your home screen.

Need more features? Bamboo Paper gives you a chance to activate the Inkspace Plus feature for free. Activation lets you sync and access sketches from any time and any devices. It also supports easy sharing and export in multiple file formats.

Download on Google Play

8. Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint

When it comes to tools for creating illustration and comic, Clip Studio Paint should be on your list. It has been trusted by millions of hobbyists and artists from around the world to capture ideas, brainstorm illustrations, and express creativity.

Find more than 50,000 brushes made by creators worldwide on this best drawing app. It also includes tons of features such as shading assist to add shadows with just one tap, customizable head model, and 3D models to draw objects with tricky angles.

Clip Studio Paint is beginner-friendly. It supports your passion by providing free courses on the website and YouTube channel, in addition to tons of tips to grow your inner artist. Besides, you can download thousands of materials presented by community members.

Professional illustrators can take advantage of the app’s pro tools. These include, but not limited to import/export file, import 3D data, and rulers to make accurate and symmetrical shapes. You can also apply gradients for complicated shapes.

Clip Studio Paint is available in 3 versions: free, pro, and EX. Free version gives you standard features while the pro version makes it possible to create fascinating illustration. And if you wish unlimited animation features, EX version has got you covered.

Download on Google Play

9. Picsart Color

Picsart Color

Picsart Color makes illustration creation a lot easier. This digital drawing book gives you access to a full drawing suite with stunning functionality, making it a suitable option for newbies and pros. Express your creativity in a way you want.

This best drawing app is supported by customizable paint brushes to create strokes exactly the same way as you thought; a color mixer to combine multiple colors and make distinct shades; and symmetric drawing feature for your symmetrical objects.

Additionally, Picsart Color comes packed with multiple layers with which you can put layers upon layers. If you want to draw or erase text object, it has a text tool to achieve your goal. Blending mode is also available for smooth results.

One thing you’ll love about this app is its intuitive and simple interface. It makes sure your creative process become addicting so you don’t realize you have spent more time drawing than doing other things. Picsart Color is completely free to use.

Download on Google Play

10. ArtFlow


If you need a digital sketchbook to capture ideas on the go, ArtFlow has got you covered. This mobile application is loaded with features ranging from paint brushes, smudge, eraser, and many more. Painting and drawing your illustrations made it simple with it.

ArtFlow comes with a few highlights. High performance paint engine ensures your ultimate experience without lags, combined with stylus pressure support for drawing convenience with a stylus pen. It also gives you a chance to use up to 50 layers of canvases.

Find more than 100 brushes and tools along with custom brushes to create strokes as you desire. Designed with an intuitive and smooth interface, this drawing app is completely accessible for all users including beginners and pro artists.

Make your artwork look more artistic with 10-layer filters. You can also take advantage of layer clipping mask, import-export support, and palm rejection to avoid accidental panning and zooming when working. Use this app at its best with in-app purchases.

Download on Google Play

Drawing on your smartphone is a great way to boost your productivity. Download the best drawing apps for Android device so you can turn your mobile phone into a digital drawing device. Thanks to a bunch of features, capturing ideas made fast and simple with the apps.

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