11 Best Age Progression Apps for Android

Best Age Progression Apps

Growing old is a natural process, either you love it or hate it. Your face changes as you get older and you may want to figure it out a bit sooner. Thanks to the best age progression apps, you can instantly get to know what you are going to look like in old age.

These apps are creatively built for fun. They use your photo and apply some aging effects, such as wrinkles, grey hair, eye bags, dark circle, and many more. Prank your friends or family by sharing the results and find out their response.

Best Age Progression Apps for Android

The internet provides you with tons of photo editors that can act as an age predictor. But if you don’t have enough time to scroll through pages, we make it simpler for you. Bring your selfies to another level and pick your favorite age progression apps below.

1. FaceApp


Download on Google Play

FaceApp is unarguably one of the most trusted photo editors with millions of users worldwide. It comes with a boast of AI technology that promises Instagrammable selfies from your Android. Featuring over 60 photorealistic filters, editing your photos has never been this easy.

Age progression is one of the main highlights of this app. Using this feature you can try old filter that simply shows your future look. Start with uploading a portrait photo and let the app do the magic for you. Feel free to pick your favorite hairstyle or beard for the best appearance.

Millions of people have tried this app and have lots of fun. It may be not accurate but it works well to make a good laugh. Try out with your photo and share the results with your loved ones.

In addition to aging, FaceApp comes packed with many other features like gender swap that lets you see what you would look like as another gender or morph that transforms your photo with a celebrity.

2. Fantastic Face

Fantastic Face

Download on Google Play

Try the Fantastic Face app and find out the old version of you. This versatile tool enables you to apply aging effects and change your face just like magic. Thanks to senior portrait technology, it comes in handy to know what you’re going to look like in the future.

Aside from aging prediction, Fantastic Face has tons of functionalities to have fun with your photos. For instance, daily face analysis helps analyze your facial feature and send a comprehensive report. You will also like baby prediction feature to meet your future baby.

There are many other features brought to your table, such as beauty competition that compares your photo and friend’s photo, emotion analysis that analyzes your expression, and smile competition.

And if you’re curious about your future life, this app has got you covered. It can serve as a palmistry predictor that forecasts your future career, marriage, and fortune. Overall, Fantastic Face is an amazing tool to make the most out of your photo.

3. Magic Face

Download on Google Play

Can’t wait to see your future face? Then Magic Face is built just for you. This fantastic app features aging prediction that lets you see what you’d look like in tens of years. It also has the ability to travel you back to a young age, thanks to the young camera feature.

Using this best free age progression app is simple. Take a selfie or choose a photo from your gallery and pick an effect to apply. Your face changes in a matter of second and you can share the result via social platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

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In addition to age prediction, Magic Face is loaded with fun features. Let’s mention baby prediction that shows what your future baby will look like. Or if you want to take a beautiful photo but you’re a poker face, expression change is a feature you need.

Thanks to hilarious features, you will never lose interest on Magic Face. Before getting this app, be sure your Android device runs 4.0.3 version or higher.

4. Aging Booth

Aging Booth

Download on Google Play

Developed by PiVi & Co, Aging Booth is an easy to use face aging machine to find out your face in the future. This tool requires access to your camera to capture beautiful selfies or portrait as well as phone gallery to pick a photo from your collection. 

Aging Booth transforms your face instantly without internet connection. And if you are happy with the results, share with your friends and family via social platforms or email. Or, save to your gallery for your own collection.

What’s more, this age progression app supports auto-cropping with face detection. It automatically detects your face and crops unnecessary part for the best result. And if you want to check before-after views, simply shake the device and that’s it.

Aging Booth has been trusted by millions of users. The ability to deliver realistic photos make it one of the best choices to upgrade your selfies.

5. FaceLab Photo Editor

FaceLab Photo Editor

Download on Google Play

FaceLab is a full-featured photo editor to redefine your snapshots. Aging effect as the main star offers incredible filters to provide you with old look. Try this feature and it will turn your photo into an old man or woman in a matter of seconds. Plus, you can make it more realistic by adding beard effect.

On this app you can take a selfie using FaceLab camera or import a picture from your gallery. Decide how you want to enhance the picture, either applying aging effect or transforming yourself into cartoon. You may also choose the zombify feature that changes your face into a zombie.

What’s great about FaceLab is that it delivers high quality photo. It also boasts AI face editor that promises Photoshop quality in a few seconds. Whether you want to change age or convert picture to cartoon, this app can easily tackle the tasks.

As for sharing, this app supports a range of social platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Snapchat. You can also upload filtered photos to TikTok and get ready for FYP.

6. Age Face

Age Face

Download on Google Play

No one likes the idea of getting old but Age Face allows you to make fun of it. This best age progression app is designed to edit your photo and let you know what you would look like in the future. Try out with friend’s photo and see how they react.

One of the best things about Age Face is that it promotes hassle-free photo editing. Simply add a photo either from your camera or gallery and choose your favorite old look. In a few seconds, you will find an old man or old lady you never knew before.

Age Face has more than 20 old age faces to choose from. Use before-after preview to help you find the best aging effect to apply. Few effects are available for free and more effects like mask and gifs require in-app purchases.

Overall, this is one of the simplest age progression apps to install. Don’t forget to share the results with your loved ones.

7. Make Me Old

Download on Google Play

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You don’t have to wait until 70 to see your old face. Download Make Me Old and find out your future look in a few seconds. This face age progression app is designed to age your face so you can see how you would look like after 20 or 30 years.

Make Me Old is featured with a portrayal technology and face scanner for doing the job. All you have to do is launch the app, add a photo and let it do the rest.

Aside from the age progression feature, this app comes packed with a bunch of funny stickers. If you are in the mood of a good laugh, pick a sticker and share results with your friends. 

8. Old Age Face Effects

Old Age Face Effects

Download on Google Play

Curious to know your future face? Old Age Face Effects app has got you covered. This unique tool is built with old age filters and advanced technologies to help you find out what you’d look like after decades. Thanks to realistic results, no one knows if it’s a fake photo.

Aside from adding aging effects, this app offers creative gender swap to find out your appearance in another gender. You can also use funny face filters and add fat face to invite more laugh. 

With more than a million downloads, Old Age Face Effects is a cool app to have fun with our photo. Enjoy the amazing transformations while using this face changer app and share with your loved ones.

9. Old Face Maker

Old Face Maker

Download on Google Play

Old Face Maker is a great, easy to use app to prank your friends or family members who hate the idea of getting old. This fantastic age progression tool has the ability to age any photos including your friend’s and yours. Try a photo of a friend and get ready for the surprise.

This tool helps make your picture more realistic with a large collection of stickers. Pick a wig of any style or gray beards that turn your photo into an elder man or woman. What’s more, it allows you to try on various wrinkles.

Either you want to make a joke on your friends or find out how beautiful you are in old age, Old Face Maker is worth trying. Best of all, this app is available for free.

10. Facee


Download on Google Play

With Facee, changing your face has never been this easy. The face changer app offers a handful of features to work creatively with your photos, such as changing age, adding stickers or applying face mask.

Age predictor is the main highlight with which you can change young look to old. The transformation is smooth and the result is realistic, thus no one thinks it is unreal. All you have to do is add photo from Facee’s selfie camera or your gallery.

Enhance your photos with stickers. It has a vast collection of old man stickers and hairstyles to maintain your stylish look even in old version. It also comes with a couple of face masks to change your face instantly.

11. Old My Face

Old My Face

Download on Google Play

If you seek out the best face changer app then Old My Face could be a good bet. Using this application you can transform your picture to look older or younger. Thanks to the age progression feature, seeing the young and old version of your photo is only a few taps away.

What’s more, it supports gender swap that makes it possible to transform to another gender. And if you want to change skin color or hair color, this app has got you covered. 

Old My Face is a versatile app with ease of use features. All you need to do is upload a photo and choose any effect you want to try. Happy with the results? Share with your family and friends.

After all, the best age progression apps are built for fun and entertainment purposes. Your actual appearance may be different from picture generated by these apps.

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