12 Best Caricature Maker Apps for Android

Best Caricature Maker Apps

Posting unique content on social media can help you get more likes or even more followers. Rather than just posting a normal selfie with common filters, you can take all benefits of the best caricature maker apps to enhance your photos.

These apps are designed with creativity in mind, providing you with an easy way to cartoon yourself. Your followers might need a dose of humor and your unique content can make a good laugh. Keep scrolling for the best free apps to find on the market.

Best Caricature Maker Apps for Android

We’ve put together a bundle of fun and cool caricature maker apps to upgrade your photos. Following apps allow you to convert pictures into hilarious caricature, funny cartoon, and even beautiful sketch in a matter of seconds. Check them out!

1. MomentCam


Download on Google Play

MomentCam is possibly the best caricature maker app ever developed. Millions of people have used this application to create caricatures, cartoons, and avatar to redefine their social media experience. Thanks to a bunch of features, honing your creativity has never been this easy.

How this app works is simple. Choose a picture from your phone galley and create a personalized cartoon or caricature. Select a background from the app’s library and your customized picture is ready to share on social media platform.

MomentCam has a large collection of backgrounds that are constantly updated, providing you with impressive backgrounds for every moment. Plus, it is loaded with funny GIF stickers that can be added to your cartoon or caricature.

What’s great about this app is that you can win prizes by sharing your masterpiece with the community. In the event you seek out a powerful caricature maker app, MomentCam is made just for you.

2. ToonMe


Download on Google Play

This could be the perfect app to cartoon yourself. Say goodbye to boring selfies and welcome artistic cartoons created from your photo. Featuring artificial intelligence, professional quality cartoon is available with only one tap.

ToonMe has a bunch of features to explore. Make cartoon and vector portrait from selected photos and improve your likes on social media. It also comes with a large selection of sophisticated designs and simple layouts, thus you don’t edit from scratch.

Find a wide variety of toon effects to beautify your photo. And if you’re satisfied with the results, hit the share button and let the whole world know it. Whenever you want to cartoon your picture, ToonMe is a great app to try out.

What’s great about this app is that it comes with a lightweight download size. It is also compatible with most Android smartphones, especially version 5.0 and higher.

3. ToonArt


Download on Google Play

If you seek out an easy to use app to make a unique caricature of your photo then ToonArt is just for you. It is more than an ordinary cartoon photo editor, it is a powerful tool that helps make digital art with just one tap.

Not only can you create a toon version of your photo, you can also change background for a better image personalization. It has hundreds of cartoon styles to choose from. Pick a style that’s the right fit for you and share with your social media followers.

ToonArt is featured with AI technology to provide you with amazing image from the gallery. Using this app you can also enjoy video animation and a wide variety of filters like oil painting and sketch. Overall, creating a unique caricature is incredibly simple with ToonArt.

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4. Moments Cartoon Caricature

Moments Cartoon Caricature

Download on Google Play

Brought to you by Star Studio, Moments Cartoon Caricature offers a great way to convert your photos to unique caricature. Whether you want to create a unique avatar or a hilarious caricature, this app has everything you need to spice up your day.

Using this app is brilliantly simple. Capture a photo using your camera and change every moment into caricature. There’s a bunch of stickers to choose from, not to mention it comes packed with beautiful effects to enhance your cartoon.

What’s more, you have an option for sketching, special drawing, and also doodling. And if you want to show off your masterpiece, join selfie contest and bring your name to the top of the leaderboards. The winners are the one who receive more likes in weekly period.

Not only does it allow you to cartoon yourself, it is also a capable photo editor with easy to use tools. It has basic editing tools like brightness, cropping, and even red eyes removing for instant photo editing experience. 

5. Sketch Drawing Photo Editor

Sketch Drawing Photo Editor

Download on Google Play

Sketch Drawing Photo Editor offers a simple way for transforming your photo into adorable cartoon art with just a single tap. Thanks to cartoon camera filters, you can cartoon any moments and level up your boring photos to Instagram-worthy pictures.

This tool has a wide range of features but a large collection of effects is the main star. In addition to cartoon art, it provides you with many other effects such as pencil sketch, light sketch, crayon effects, and many more. Creating incredible artwork made simple with Sketch Drawing.

What’s great about this photo editor is that it is simple, smooth, and easy to use. It also has a built-in share button that lets you share via social media platforms with just one tap. Whether you’re more into Facebook, Instagram, or other platforms, this app has got you covered.

All features on Sketch Drawing are available for free. But if you expect more features and functionality, the paid Pro version is ready to use.

6. Artisan


Download on Google Play

Bring out your inner artist with Artisan. This is a fantastic cartoon app to produce amazing digital artwork from your smartphone. Featuring a handful of photo filters, you can choose between vector art and caricature to redefine your pictures.

Artisan is supported by AI technology that promises easy photo editing with high quality results. Using this app you can create your own emoji stickers, explore amazing filters, and try out stunning effects to your photos.

Can’t find a photo to edit? Take a snapshot and use a vast collection of selfie camera filters to cartoon yourself anytime anywhere. You can also pick a unique cartoon backgrounds and layout with just one tap.

Artisan is undoubtedly one of the best caricature maker apps to upgrade your selfies. Don’t worry about your editing skills thanks to ease of use tools that allow you to edit like a pro. Pick your favorite photo and start to make your own masterpiece.

7. Pencil Sketch

Pencil Sketch

Download on Google Play

If you are seeking out a photo editor that is easy to use and offers a bunch of features then Pencil Sketch is made just for you. Take a picture with your phone camera or choose a photo from your gallery and create a sketch with just a single tap.

In addition to sketch, this app allows you to transform photos into three other styles including comic, doodle, and pencil. If basic selfie makes you bored, try out Pencil Sketch and generate your own stunning photo.

While Sketch feature provides smooth sketches with accurate contour, pencil style indulges you with its curves and smooth edges. You can always try doodle option that converts your photo into a cute and funny doodle cartoon.

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8. Carica


Download on Google Play

Making caricature of your photos is brilliantly simple with Carica. This is one of the best caricature apps that is completely free to download and has loads of features to perform artistic photo editing right from your smartphone.

Using Carica you can apply funny filters that convert your photo into hilarious caricature. It also works well to cartoon your photo taken from phone gallery. Not only does it work for human, Carica lets you experiment with animal faces like cats or dogs.

Try out 45 unique warps and make a good laugh. Want to share some quirky stuff with your friends? Simply hit the share button and let your friends find out your artwork.

9. Cartoon Pictures

Cartoon Pictures

Download on Google Play

Cartoon Pictures app works best for photo editing. Thanks to a vast selection of art filters and cartoon effects, creating an artistic photo comes simple. All you need to do is choose a photo from your gallery or take a selfie and hit a filter you like the most.

What’s great about this app is that it supports live photo editing using your phone’s selfie camera. Plenty of amazing filters are available to transform your plain photo into cartoon, sketches, canvases, or oil painting.

With over 5M+ downloads on Google Play Store, Cartoon Pictures is one of the most trusted photo editor apps to cartoon yourself. Your project is typically completed in a matter of seconds and you are free to choose any filters or effects that are the right fit to your art taste.

10. Caricature Maker

Caricature Maker

Download on Google Play

Caricature Maker is a fun app to create hilarious caricature from your photos. Not only does it edit pictures from the phone gallery, it also supports live mode editing with which you can apply warp effects in real time. Be sure to allow the app to access your camera before enjoying this feature.

Unlike most caricature apps that support photo editing only, Caricature Maker enables you to record crazy videos while using live mode editing. Have fun with warp effects and create a caricature like never before.

If you are done with warp filters, this app has many other effects to apply. You can choose between cartoon, sketch, or artistic effects to redefine your selfies or portrait photo. Brought to you by Pixelab, this could be the perfect photo editor to install on your smartphone.

11. Cartoon Caricature Maker Photo Editor

Cartoon Caricature Maker Photo Editor

Download on Google Play

Creating personalized caricature can express your feeling and thought. And if you want to make a unique caricature but don’t have good drawing skills, this app offers a little help. With this caricature app, you can cartoon yourself, apply filters, or convert photo to anime character.

This is how the app works. Import your photo from the gallery and choose a style you want to apply. Once you hit a filter or effect, this app will convert your photo in a few seconds. If you’re satisfied, share your masterpiece via social media platforms.

In this app you can find black and white caricature, color caricature, and pencil caricature. Featuring AI-based effects, it delivers high quality results.

12. Cartoon Caricature Photo Maker

Cartoon Caricature Photo Maker

Download on Google Play

This caricature maker is designed to convert your plain photos into funny caricatures. Pick your favorite image and choose a style you like the most, from monochrome caricature to pencil caricature. With a strong touch of humor, you can share a bit of craziness with friends or family.

Find more than 200 men and women characters to convert your photos. The most hilarious part is that you can turn yourself into a famous celebrity.

The best caricature maker apps help express your creativity. You don’t need to be a caricature expert, thanks to powerful filters and effects found in these apps.

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